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Investment Casting    
  Investment casting is regarded as a precision casting process to fabricate near-net-shaped metal parts from almost any alloy. Although its history lies to a great extent in the production of art, the most common use of investment casting in more recent history has been the production of components requiring complex, often thin-wall castings. Casting is often used for creating one or more copies of an original piece of sculptural (three-dimensional) artwork. It is also used extensively in the automobile manufacture industry, such as the casting of engine blocks or cylinder heads, or vacuum-forming of plastics and in the lost core process.  
  • Total design Flexibility... a designer's dream and an engineer's desperation, both realized.  
  • Complex shapes with no more mould joints or parting lines.  
  • Surface finish that makes your tool room machines idle.  
  • Slots, Holes and Markings in excellent finish and accuracy.  
  • Dimensional accuracy that will keep your money with you.  
  • Made from metals and alloys keeping the demand of the metallurgical properties of the final application.  
  • Proving wrong the notion that casting has variations, twins can be produced and their twins......and they   will all still be alike even to the last detail... large batches with no variation in specifications at all.
  • Small is beautiful, but also accurate and perfect.  
  • The only and first option for almost all industries.  


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